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DBFY is an Exclusive members only website. We are dedicated to helping small businesses to build trusting relationships locally and gain marketing knowledge to grow your business. Founded by Dawn Torrington, based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, DBFY is a one stop shop for all your networking needs.


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I had set up a new business and was feeling lost in my 3rd month, not sure where to go. I found Dawn and since then my business has just grown. Through networking within the group I have met some lovely people who I would like to now call friends as well as business contacts and listened to some very inspiring and motivational speeches. I have done lots of business with people within the group and I can honestly say joining The Doing Biz Group and meeting Dawn has made my business a successful and enjoyable one. I really do appreciate all the advice and help.

Rachel Walker
Corner House Cakes

Dawn is dynamic, professional and supportive. She has listened  to my concerns and desires of where i wish my business to go and has given me valuable advice, solutions and strategies. The monthly meetings are a place where we can all network in a comfortable  business like environment  with great business people from a diverse range of local and national businesses. Dawn ensures the attendees at her network meetings have a good time as well as being focused on their business. I have made some really good friends at DBFY and the relationships I have developed have helped to grow my own Holistic & Beauty Business. I have no hesitation in recommending Dawn at DBFY  and I feel confident that this network will continue to grown with quality businesses.

Jennifer Crabtree
Head to Toe Therapies

Well I for one have gained so many contacts in this group who I now class as friends.I have collaborated with 4 members recently, Dawn Torrington, Rachel Walker,  Chris Stansfield and Loretta Douglas who have all got behind 'my School initiative' and have become sponsors of my business.
Running your own business can make you feel isolated as you're in charge of your own ship so to speak, so for me, connecting with like minded business people about problems and successes is really valuable.

Anna Kirkpatrick
Anna's Dance

"The main 'value point' has been the opportunity to meet other business owners who share the same visions and passion for their business. I know for a fact that I would not have had as many 'opportunities' had I not been a DBFY member, regardless of the level of your membership. Business is about building relationships 'people buy people'. The network meetings are a great opportunity to network, ask questions to other business owners and get feedback on your ideas. Running your own business can be very lonely, so being part of the network gives you that security you have others around you.
I have gained clients through the network, been given invaluable advice,  work in collaboration with both people in the group and others I have met through the extra networking opportunities such as the sponsoring of the Oldham Business Awards. You only get what you put in, if networking isn't your thing make it your thing! You will be sorry you didn't  join sooner!

Loretta Douglas
Temple Spa

Since I became a member I've had lots of valuable help and advice from group members and I've also gained some work from the group.
Dawn has saved me a lot of money that I was wasting in bad advertising and guided me in the right direction.
The support is excellent from everyone in the group and it's helping me to grow in confidence. Knowing that I can just ask a question and get an answer is a great feeling. Thanks Dawn and everyone in the group.

Bryn Dunkerley
4 Seasons Lawn Care

I have been in DBFY networking group for over 2 years now and I have met some outstanding people through attending networking meetings and getting to know members on individual basis. The DBFY founder and leader Dawn Torrington is an inspirational individual who built this group and her business through hard work, always ready to help her members and spend extra time if needed.  If you are thinking about whether to join the Exclusive Doing Biz For Yourself group, then visit one of our meetings and have a chat with members. You will be impressed!

Gordan Bosnjak
Pronto Media Limited - Web Design and Digital Marketing

Being a member of Doing Biz has helped me get over the fear of meeting people and talking to them. It has many wonderful people with experience over many sectors in business. I have gained clients through this group too and I look forward to the monthly meetings because they help keep me motivated. Joining this group has been one of the best business decisions I have made.

Kanemba Mulevu
KBM Accounting Services

I have found the doing biz for yourself group invaluable since joining as an Exclusive member, it is always good to know that the group and it's members are there 24hours a day for advice and a supportive discussion if needed, which is the best thing for a small business like myself, help from others in a similar situation. In addition to this i have generated sales internally and externally which is an added bonus.

Chris Stansfield
Broken Pencil

Ever had one of those days when you feel like you are on your own and didn’t know where to turn?  That was me a few years back. Then I found Doing Biz for Yourself. Slowly and surely, through building business relationships, I have found business owners I can trust. I have been able to gain insight from their experience and share the same in return. The Doing Biz for Yourself Exclusive Group and the Exclusive Coaching has taught me how to be a better business owner. I am now able to progress with greater insight and clarity. Yes, it may be step-by-step. However, I’m learning through this process that business is a marathon not a sprint. Doing Biz For Yourself has been a great support for my business, Admin Tones and I am confident it could help you too.

Jo Howlett
Admin Tones

I had the pleasure of meeting Dawn Torrington several years ago at my very first attendance of her network meeting. She had team leader presence with an extremely friendly attitude approach. We stayed connected from that day. I have witness Dawn go from strength to strength and grow a professional brand that is beneficial for her diverse business members. I decided to join Doing Biz For Yourself in 2016 as my business was in stalemate mode due to my lack of confidence to step out of my comfort zone.
Dawn gave me encouragement and valuable advice and I have been warmly welcomed into group. Dawn has not only given but developed a group environment that is 100% business to business support of one another.

Kaleemah Miah
Stylishly Covered