£1 Biz Challenge - Coming Soon

For the next two weeks DBFY is running a special offer! 

Doing Biz For Yourself has made it easy to turn the tides in your favour. You can connect with a community of  like minded entrepreneurs who will support you in taking your venture to a whole new level by signing up for this one of a kind, exclusive £1 biz challenge! You have nothing to lose as each of the members in our community have vested interest in your success. This wonderful platform is guaranteed to guide you through getting a high ROI.

Here Are The Things You Stand To Gain When You Sign Up For The Biz Challenge

• Learn practical marketing tips • Generate leads and sales • Access Exclusive discounts and deals from biz members • Build a quality network

Just take a moment and think about this... but not too long... because we are Exclusive and we only have a certain amount of businesses per sector to ensure you get the best return for your minimal investment.

So, What Are You Waiting For? Join our priority list today before your competition does!


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Loretta Douglas

“The main ‘value point’ has been the opportunity to meet other business owners who share the same visions and passion for their business. I know for a fact that I would not have had as many ‘opportunities’ had I not been a DBFY member, regardless of the level of your membership. Business is about building relationships ‘people buy people’. The network meetings are a great opportunity to network, ask questions to other business owners and get feedback on your ideas. Running your own business can be very lonely, so being part of the network gives you that security you have others around you. I have gained clients through the network, been given invaluable advice,  work in collaboration with both people in the group and others I have met through the extra networking opportunities such as the sponsoring of the Oldham Business Awards. You only get what you put in, if networking isn’t your thing make it your thing! You will be sorry you didn’t  join sooner!”

Loretta Douglas Temple SPA
Rachel Walker

“I had set up a new business and was feeling lost in my 3rd month, not sure where to go. I found Dawn and since then my business has just grown. Through networking within the group I have met some lovely people who I would like to now call friends as well as business contacts and listened to some very inspiring and motivational speeches. I have done lots of business with people within the group and I can honestly say joining The Doing Biz Group and meeting Dawn has made my business a successful and enjoyable one. I really do appreciate all the advice and help.”

Rachel Walker Corner House Cakes

Terms and Conditions

Upon your registration of DBFY Membership you agree to the following terms and conditions: - £1 challenge is subject to automatic upgrade to 12 months exclusive membership at the end of the 30 days, unless written cancellation is received. - All subscriptions are for a twelve month period. - Refunds will not be given upon cancellation. - Direct Debit payments will be taken from the account you provide every 4 weeks. Missed payments could result in legal action being taken. - DBFY have the right to refuse members due to over-subscription of exclusive services. - DBFY have the right to suspend any account at any time.