12 ways to expand your brand that won’t blow your budget

Effective branding is important to carve out a strong identity for your event and to showcase your key sponsors and partners. The possibilities are endless but many ideas can come with a hefty price tag. Here are 12 low cost ideas that won’t blow your event budget, but can still make a great impact. 1.…

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It was my pleasure to award the Star to Kaleemah Miah of Stylish Covered. Kaleemah is a shining example of how this group should be used. Kaleemah was chosen for this award  because she has proven to be a productive and supportive member to all group members, as well as demonstrating both personal and business…

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5 Reasons to LOVE being in BIZ for yourself

It’s all too easy to focus on “clients from hell” and the daily little frustrations that we encounter.  I have come up with my top reasons of why being in Biz for yourself is so much better than working for someone else. 1. You’re your own boss!!!!!! When you’re in into Biz for yourself, you…

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