Wrigley Claydon was established in 1795 and has been providing legal services continuously since then. We have offices in Oldham, Manchester and Todmorden. We provide a wide range of services from business and employment through property to matrimonial and probate. We employ specialists in each of these fields. We are committed to supporting the DBFY group of small businesses. We do this by attending network meetings and following the group chat on Facebook.

We are available at any time to give general support on any legal matter. This can relate to your business or to your personal life as both sides of your life need to thrive if your business is to succeed. We like that we are friendly and approachable as well as having a clear understanding of the needs of business people. We give practical solution focused advice and point you in the right direction to grow your business.

Where you formally instruct us on work we will offer a discount of 10% against our normal fees to all DBFY members.

Christine Dawson is the owner, lead trainer and creative force behind Quest for Success Ltd. Quest for Success Ltd is an Oldham based International Training and Coaching Company specialising in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. Over the past 12 years, Quest for Success Ltd have trained many Practitioners, Master Practitioners and Trainers, both in the UK and abroad, assisted many organisations to accelerate their prospects and worked with many individuals to resolve a broad range of life challenges. As a proud partner of DBFY, Quest for Success Ltd brings two key offerings to the networking support table:

1. Christine will be leading a series of bespoke workshops which have been mindfully created to give our members easy and low cost access to specialised learning in the field of personal development. Each individual workshop will focus on three key areas across a variety of business contexts: building successful mindsets, enhancing communication skills and personal well-being.

2. Christine is also available to the network for one to one business and personal coaching. The journey of a business owner is hopefully a long one and prosperous endeavour. Of course, challenges come to the fore on the road towards your goals more frequently than we would perhaps choose. Having an experienced coach, with the knowledge of how to empower you to create a successful mindset, how to make sure your personal and mental well-being is being taken care of and how to create and maintain a successful business is an enormously empowering companion to have walk alongside you on your journey towards success.

Anwar Ali
Social Entrepreneur and highly motivated CEO of Upturn Enterprise Limited. Anwar is highly capable, possessing both strong strategic and operational skills (specialist in marketing, business development & growth) . Anwar carries extensive academic and professional qualifications (MBA, PG Dip (DMS), CMgr FCMI, MCIM, MIoEE). Operationally, he has extensive stakeholder, administration and project management skills - which are based on 20 years' successful experience of running multi-functional teams, managing publicly funded projects and developing socially focused business programmes.

Maria Williams
Committed Chartered FCIPD Human Resources Professional with over 20 years Generalist HRM experience, within both the Public and Private sector organisations, particularly within companies going through change and within demanding customer focused environments. A strong pro-active leader, empowering business owners to take ownership, providing coaching, training and mentoring to build cohesive teams working together to achieve individual targets and company objectives.

Louise Crooks
I’m a copywriter which is really just a fancy way of saying I write stuff. I can talk to your customers in a way that’s clear, simple and engaging. Because it’s what you say that will help someone decide you’re the solution they’ve been looking for.

My DBFY offer

121 Copywriting Coaching Call

Not sure where to start when writing a new post?
Struggling to outline your biggest selling points without sounding pushy?
Want to know what’s not quite right in your copy and how to fix it?
Book a coaching call with me and I'll help you nail your key messages, calls to action and headlines. Discover tips and get ideas that will TRANSFORM your content and BOOST your sales.
Copywriting help tailored to YOUR business, YOUR audience and YOUR style.
Exclusive service for DBFY members.

Sessions cost £25 plus VAT for 60 minutes.
Book yours by visiting